Creating a family You need 3 characters that have already chosen a job, completed act 1-1 and have 200 000 gold, to create a family. When all the requirements have been fulfilled, you can create a family at Mimi Mentor's in NosVille or at Lucia's in Port Alveus. The character that requests the family, just needs to enter the family name. Afterwards, this character becomes the family head. The other two become family deputies. A family can have up to 50 members.

Dissolve a family In NosVille or Port Alveus you can request the dissolution of the family. After the dissolution, all normal members are free again. They cannot join a new family for at least 24 hours and cannot form a new one either. The family head and deputy cannot do this for 3 days.

Actions Command
Change family deputy %Familydeputy 'new candidate character name' 'character to be dismissed'
Change family head (only a deputy can become a head) %Familyhead 'new candidate character name'
Invite New Members (only possible for the head of the family and the deputy) %Familyinvite character name
Dismiss family member (only possible for family head and deputy) %Familydismiss character name
Leaving a family (not possible for family heads) %Familyleave
Familyshout (only possible for family head and deputy) %Familyshout text

After being thrown out of or leaving a family, you cannot join or found a new family for at least 24 hours.