To take part in an Icebreaker, you have to wait for the participation window for your level division, which appears at particular times on the lower corner of the screen. You need a small sum of money to take part. After entering an Icebreaker, you have to wait for the message 'You can attack each other now'. If a character reaches 0 HP during the course of the Icebreaker, the character will freeze up, but can be thawed by another player by double clicking on him. Afterwards both characters will belong to the same team. Players from the same team are highlighted in the same colour. Players that have frozen twice are thrown out of the Icebreaker.

Private Arena

You can enter the Private Arena via the skill-menu (K), the Time Circle or via Titus Trip, who can be found in Nosville, Mt. Krem and Port Alveuz. Unlike in other places, no special points will be used up in the arena. You can transform without them.

Rainbow Battle

To enter the Rainbow Battle, you have to be family head or family deputy. You can register for the Rainbow Battle at Malcolm Mix's. Like raids, you open it with a double click as team leader. The team can consist of up to 15 players. The Rainbow Battle only takes place at particular times of the day. Your team can register at Titus Trip's up to 20 minutes before the start of the battle. Registrations close 5 minutes before the start. The winner of the Rainbow Battle is the team who has the most crystals at the end. However, please take note that the different camps have different crystal values, which can be seen on the minimap. The victor's family does not need any special points for 3 hours after the battle's end.

Instant Combat

To take part in an Instant Combat, you have to wait for the Participation Window for your level, which will appear at a particular times on the lower part of the screen. After the battle has begun, Monsters with different levels will appear, that you will have to kill. As a reward for a successful fight, you will receive items, gold and reputation.

Land of Death

The Land of Death is a family arena. The entrance is at the Sunset Cliff Edge. You can walk there or buy a teleporter to Sunset Cliff Edge from Malcolm Mix in Nosville or Marvin Magicus in Port Alveus. The Land of Death is only open at particular times of the day, depending on the channel. To enter it, you have to belong to a family. Powerful monsters await you in the land of death. After a certain amount of time, the flying fire devil will appear. Afterwards you will get double experience points. As soon as the fire devil has appeared, it will not be possible to enter the gate to the Land of Death any more. You should also make sure that you do not die. It is only possible to keep dwelling in the land of death, after death, with the fountain of saviour.