First Steps

Introduction An element has the ability to cause magic damage. The game distinguishes between fire, light, water, shadow and no elements. By default you have no elements. Your character can get hold of elements through fairies.

Using Elements The order of the elements is Fire > Shadow > Water > Light. In each case the previous element inflicts 50% more damage on the element following it. If you do not have an element, you receive 30% more damage from every element. Important: Elements only count for skills that also have an element assigned to them.

Resistance Resistance reduces the damage of elementary attacks. If your opponent has resistance against the element that you want to damage him with, the damage will be reduced by the value of the resistance.

Death If you die, the effect [resurrection side effects] will be activated. You evasion and attack skills will be weakened and your dignity will be reduced by 50 during this time. This effect will only come into force at level 21.

Reputation Reputation gives you a special rank and makes a symbol appear next to your character name, which is visible to every player. Reputation is vital for the transformation of a specialist. As a specialist you need a particular number of reputation points to be able to create a specialist map.

Dignity Besides reputation there is also dignity, which is dependant on your character's honour. The highest amount of honour is 100 dignity. Dishonourable behaviour reduces your honour. Characters with low honour have a disadvantage over others. For example, NPCs and partners make them pay higher prices. Additionally, animals will not follow a player with low dignity.