A specialist is a special character with which you can transform with the help of a card. You can get special elemental skills with the specialist. The specialist inherits your original character's power and combat experience. Specialists automatically receive skills after reaching particular job levels. Depending on the type of specialist, your character uses the main or secondary weapon.

Specialist Quest

You can get a specialist quest from a Mysterious Soul Stone. Click on the stone and you will end up inside it. You can accept the quest there and repeat it as many times as you like. A completed quest is rewarded with a Specialist Card.

Transformation and Rules/ Special Points

Transforming Put a card on and press [G] or click on the transformation button in your character window to transform yourself into a specialist. Make sure that you have armed the right fairy. By clicking on the transformation button again or pressing [G], the transformation can be revoked. You have to wait 30 seconds to transform yourself again after cancelling a transformation. Specialist skills that have not worn off yet increase the waiting time.

Status points Right click on your specialist to find out further information about it. You can view skills there and click on [UP] to distribute status points.

Requirements Every specialist card requires a certain number of reputation points, so that you can equip them. If you do not have any, a transformation is not possible. Even if your job level is insufficient, your character has a negative effect on him or your skills' cooldown time has not expired yet, the transformation may not work.


The level of your specialist increases by the XP of the job level. When carrying a specialist card, the specialist receives 100% of the work experience and 50% of your normal job level. Your specialist can reach a maximum level of 99. From level 20 onwards, your specialist receives 3 status points for every additional level, which you can distribute by clicking on [UP] on the information window of your specialist.


To improve your specialist you need a card with a particular job level. Additionally you also need angel wings, souls, crystals of full moon and a certain amount of gold. When all the requirements have been fulfilled, you can visit Malcolm Mix in NosVille or Marvin Magicus in Port Alveus. When larger specialist improvements are made, his wings will change. You also receive a certain amount of status points.