What are partners?

Partners and NosMates accompany you on your travels. However, unlike NosMates, you cannot catch partners. They join you voluntarily. You can usually find partners in a time-space. They are ingame characters that you meet whilst on your missions. They will offer to accompany you when you have won them over. A partner that has already been recruited, cannot join you again.

Basic Controls

You can have up to 3 partners. To select a partner, go to your Miniland, choose a partner and click on [accompany].

You can swap back and forth between partners using the keys [F1], [F2] and [F3].

Choose a companion with [CTRL+left click] or simply click on its portrait.

By pressing [F4], you can select yourself and your accompanying partner. With [F5] you can choose all selectable targets.

Intermediate Controls

Press [A] and your partner will attack every monster on the path. After reaching the destination, they will only attack if they are attacked themselves.

Pressing [S] stops all your partners' current activities. If your partner's HP sinks below 10%, he will leave the fight.

Press [D] and your partner will attack his owner's destination. If your partner's HP sinks below 10%, it will cease all activities.

Press [F] and your partner will move to the selected space. They will only attack if they are attacked themselves.

Strengthening your Partner

Partners, like characters, collect experience points by killing monsters. Special food can increase the combat level. In contrast to the NosMates, you can strengthen your partner, as well as your own character through items, like for example weapons, armour, shoes and gloves. Weapons and armour can be transformed by Teoman Top in Nosville. The transformed armour has the same attributes as the original armour. Make sure that the armour corresponds to the attack type of your partner (magic/long-range combat/close-combat).