Time-Space Stones

What are time-space stones?

Time-space stones are temporary mission maps that can be frequently repeated. They require a certain combat level and can be faced in a group or alone. Time-space stones that have not been completed yet are indicated in blue, completed ones are displayed in green. Hero missions are purple. You can only enter them when you have completed all previous missions in the chapter. By successfully completing a hero mission, you will progress further in the story (main quest). Rumour has it that there are also lots of hidden time-space stones that cannot be immediately recognised on the map.

Normal Time-Space Stone

You can find normal Time-Space Stones everywhere. They will be shown on your Minimap. You need them to progress in the main story.

Instant Time-Space Stone

After finishing a quest, you can get immediate time-space stones (stones with a Q). Unlike the others from the inventory, they can be activated everywhere and at any time. After finishing the quest, you will be sent to the place in which you first used the time-space stone.

Hidden Time-Space Stone

Aside from the regular time-space stones, there are also hidden ones that can only be found with the help of dowsing sticks. You can get dowsing sticks from Malcolm Mix in NosVille. Additionally you need a time-space fragment which contains more information about the whereabouts and a list of other required materials. To use the dowsing stick, double click on it. If a question mark appears, you are too far away from the time-space. If an arrow appears, follow it. If you are in the right place, an exclamation mark will appear and an energy square will become activated. Afterwards, you will be able to create a time-space by using the fragment.

Time-Space Overview

1) The mission map gives you information about rooms that you have not been in yet (black), that still have monsters in it (orange) and rooms that you have successfully cleaned up (white). It also shows you where your character is and displays the rooms' exits. There is a distinction made between used exits (blue), unused (black), opened (open lock) and the time-space exit (green).

2) This information gives you an overview of the mission target, any collected points and the highscore of the current time-space. It also displays how many lives you have left before you fail your current mission.

3) The time display shows how much time you have left before you fail your mission. The bar next to the clock image indicates seconds and the bar next to the stone image indicates the minutes remaining.

Available Objects

1) Boxes: You will find different boxes in the time-space. The boxes can contain different items.

2) Lever: Levers are generally used for opening closed doors.

3) Crystal Balls: Crystal balls often give you a choice of opening different paths. You will have to complete your time-space in different ways, depending on your chosen crystal ball.

Success: Reward

After successfully completing a time-space, the item window will open with your reward in it.

1) Random item: After completing it, you will receive one of the indicated random items.

2) Special Item: You will get one for first-time completion.

3) Bonus-Item: You will always receive one of these after successfully completing a time-space.


If you have failed, an information window will open following the failure. Afterwards you will end up outside of the time-space and will have to repeat it. If you have not managed to complete a time-space twice in a row, you can also complete it in loser mode. This increases the time limit that is available to you. You will however, only receive the special item after successfully completing the time-space in loser mode.

Winning points

To challenge the time-space highscore, click on the start button on the record button. To do this you will need a certain amount of gold. When you have broken the highscore record, your name will be listed on the highscore. Your points will only be saved if you have challenged the highscore with the record button. There are several ways to get points in the time-space.

1) Monsters: You will receive more points for stronger monsters than for weak ones. You can get bonus points by hunting point-monsters. These are indicated by a green triangle. As soon as you have killed a point-monster, a new one appears.

2) Point Items: Some monsters drop points. Pick them up to get additional points.

3) After finishing the time-space, you will receive points for the time remaining, for killing monsters on all the maps, for the survival of the NPCs and for exploring all the maps.

Level penalties Level penalties exist in order to hinder characters with high levels from obtaining the highscore. These depend on the difference between the level required for the time-space and the character level. You receive 2% less points for every level that you have above the required mission level. This means that you will receive 0 points if there is a difference of 50 levels.