The Raid: A raid is an attack against a strong monster. The raid consists of 5 to 15 players. The successful completion of a raid is rewarded with a gift box, which can contain powerful items. To create a raid you need a raid seal. During the raid you have to complete specific missions so that the boss room opens. An example of one of these missions could be killing a particular monster or using specific levers. But be careful, raids do have a time limit. So you have to be quick. As soon as the boss room is open, the raid boss can be fought. If all lives are used up during a raid, the raid has failed. If the boss is defeated, the raid has been successful.
Obtain Raid Seal To obtain a raid seal, you must find the hidden Time-Space (Raid) and successfully complete it. You will obtain the Time-Space Piece (Raid) by hunting monsters. After completing to mission you will be either given another mission or receive the raid seal.

Creating a Raid Team To create a raid, you need a raid seal. Double click on the seal and you will become leader of a raid team. Every raid has a minimum and a maximum level, that can be seen on the tooltip of the seal. To enter a raid, a player has to reach the minimum level. Players that are higher than the given maximum level can still enter the raid. However, they will not receive any rewards after completing the raid. The raid leader is highlighted in blue on the list. As leader of a raid team you can invite other players or remove them from your group. You can manually invite members by selecting them and inviting them into the group or via the raid list (K).

Starting a Raid A raid has to have at least 5 members and can consist of a maximum of 15 members. In addition, every raid has a minimum level that has to be maintained. To start a raid, the raid leader has to enter the entrance room of the raid portal. All members of the raid that are in the entrance room are then teleported to the raid map. All others will be removed from the raid. The raid leader can, before he enters the raid, have all members of the raid teleported to him with a [Stone of Team].

Dissolve/Leave Raid To dissolve or leave a raid, use the arrow button in the information window of the raid.

Raid list: As a raid leader, you can make your raid publicly accessible via the raid list. To do this, open the raid list (K) and click on [register a team]. This is also how you remove a raid from the list. When you are looking for a raid team, choose a team from the list first. By clicking on [become a team member], you can then join the team in question.