Introduction: After you have been connected to the server and the game has been loaded, your character will appear in the colourful world of NosTale. The above picture will help explain to you the main elements of the interface.

1.Character Information: Besides displaying your character's portrait, this window also shows you your name, your current combat level, your special points and your mana- and health points. For act 4 you can also see which camp you currently belong to.

2.Effects: The effects give you updates about positive and negative changes in your character's status, for example, attack reinforcements or slowed down movements. Right-clicking on them gives you more detailed information about particular effects.

3.Target Information: The target information window complements the character information window. It gives you information about the name, the species, the element, the combat level as well as the mana- and health points of your chosen character, monsters, etc..

4.Companion Information: Shows you the status of your Nosmates (pets, partners) and if applicable, the status of your camp.

5.Quick Slots: Quick slots give you quick access to skills or items. You can use them via the pictured shortcuts (numbers [0-9] and [Q], [W], [E], [R], [T]). By pressing [Tab] you can quickly switch back and forth between two quick slots. To drag skills or items into a quick slot, simply open your inventory [I] or your skill window [K] and whilst holding down your mouse button, drag the desired item or skill into the quick slot space.

6.Shortcuts: Shortcuts give you access to the most important menu windows. They give you access to your character [P], your skills [K], your inventory [I], your quest [O], your miniland [L], your messenger [N] and the ingame guide [F12]. The symbols for notes, parcels, the Nosmall and system options do not have shortcuts. You can only open them by clicking on them directly.

7.Minimap: Via the minimap you can view exits to other maps, NPCs, your current whereabouts and the position of your chosen destination. By left-clicking on the mini map you can also directly move to your chosen place.

8.Experience Points: The bar for experience points shows your combat and job level. You can also view the progress of your particular level from the displayed percentages. When the bar has reached 100%, you will move onto the next combat-/job level.

9.Quest Help: The quest help window gives you a short description of your current main- and secondary quests. To get more detailed information about the quests, press [O].

10.Event Window: This window gives you information about the time remaining until the next event. You can also start the events Icebreaker and Instant Combat from this window. If a raid team has formed, you can join the team from this window. Messages that friends have sent you via your messenger are also displayed here.

Character Window [P] In the character window you can see an overview of the different character values, the armour you have on, your NosMates and the battle statistics for Act4.

Act Window [O] You can get information about current quests, completed time-space stones and your story's current progress here.

Family Window The family window provides you with all possible information about your family, ranks, members, messages etc. By means of the 'statistics' button, the head of the family will be able to individually configure family ranks.

Conversation Window You can view films of previously completed chapters and read back through past dialogues here.

Miniland Window [L] You can get information about your Miniland, the welcome message, the production points you need for your mini games and about constructions like plants, warehouses, decorations and mini games here.

Skill Window [K] The skill window is divided into 3 categories. The training tab, with which you can view your passive base skills, is on the left. The skill tab, on which your fight skills are listed, is in the middle. On the right side, you will find the movement tab, where you can view emotions, the raid list, the shop, the circle list and the skills for picking up and resting.

Inventory Window [I] Your inventory is divided into assorted categories. In the armour tab you will find important items like weapons, armour, shoes, gloves, amulets etc. In the main tab, quest items and items that are used a lot like the Seed of Power or potions are stored. In the others tab, everything that doesn't belong into the other two categories are stored, for example, materials, food and other items. To prevent your armour inventory from becoming too full, the addition tab gives you extra space for specialist cards and costumes.

Messenger [N] You can chat to other players here and add/remove them from your buddy list. You can also see whether they are online or offline. Click on the house behind one of your friend's names to get into his Miniland (as long as it is not closed). Click on the wings of friendship behind the friend's name to teleport to him, provided you have enough wings in your inventory. You can reopen a minimised chat window via your event tab.

System Options The system options give you the opportunity to change basic settings and to block messages. You can adjust graphic settings as well as the resolution and the detail level, switch to window mode or set the effect and music volume. You can also block group invitations, buddy invitations, family invitations, trade and the whisper and speaking settings in the chat. You also have the option to switch the mousetrap on or off. This has the effect that your cursor automatically follows your opponents or jumps on items that are close by.

Chat Window The chat window shows your current conversations. You can adjust its size with your mouse. You can filter the messages displayed by selecting the desired chat category on the upper border of the chat window. With the menu bar you can choose which chat you would like to write in. The choices are: general, whisper, family and group. This is also possible via the following commands.
Chat Order
whisper /Character Name Text
Party/Raid ;Text
Family :Text
Time-Space !Text
Select last whispering chat partner up/down arrow key