Changing jobs


Every player starts the game as an adventurer. When the player has reached a combat level of 15 and a job level of 20, he can change jobs and specialise in a particular combat direction. When the required level has been reached, the message 'You can apply for retraining in NosVille' will appear in the server window. Afterwards you can change your job in NosVille at Mimi Mentor's and at Lucia's at Port Alveus Market. Now you can choose between the jobs sword fighter, archer or magician. If the player wants to change jobs, he has to take off his armour (all armour items that are labelled with 'only adventurers') before talking to the NPC. After changing jobs, his armour will automatically be replaced with job-appropriate armour.

Introduction to Classes You can decide between 3 character classes, that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the following, the classes will be more closely explained. Choose the class that you can relate to the most.

Sword fighters Equipped with deadly blades, this brave warrior fights for honour and justice. He has been trained in close- as well as in long-range combat and can use the power of the elements to his advantage. His high defence and incredible will to live means that he can take on several opponents at the same time.

Archers As quick as a fox and with eagle eyes, the archer fights in the name of nature. Even though he may appear cold-hearted and distanced, he has an endless amount of knowledge that he puts to good use.

Magicians A magician can see past a human's horizon, sometimes even into other worlds and dimensions. He knows about the powers of nature and how to handle them. He is also warm-hearted and cooperative, which is why he has so many magic points. He uses amazing magic attacks and fascinates people with his mystical weapons with which he can heal or even curse people.