The Miniland You can enter the Miniland from NosVille or Port Alveus. Alternatively you can use a bell of sweet home to get into your Miniland from anywhere you like. To invite a friend, you can use the command [$invite character name] or set up a signpost. The signpost also allows you to get into other people's Minilands. You can buy one from Eva Energy. A Miniland is a small piece of land that you can individually customise with different decorations. It is also where your NosMates and partners are gathered.


The warehouse stores items. It allows you to swap items between your characters, so long as the warehouse of the character in question is large enough. To use the warehouse, you have to stand in front of it and click on the arrow. Afterwards you can change the place where the item is kept by dragging the items between your warehouse and your inventory.


The size of the residence determines the number of possible visitors to your Miniland. The larger your residence is, the more players can enter your Minland. The number of possible visitors is displayed at the bottom right of the picture when you are in your Miniland.


You can buy furnishing items for your Miniland from Mimi Mentor in NosVille, Edward in Port Alveuz and Strong Expy-Miner in Krem. To build structures, you have to enter your Miniland and close it (L). Then click on installation mode, click on the structure and then click on installation mode again. Then you can make your Miniland public again, so that everyone can enter it. To remove structures, close your Miniland (L) and activate deletion mode. To tear down structures, close your Miniland (L), activate deletion mode, click on the structure again and activate deletion mode for a second time.


Put minigames in your Miniland so that other players can play them. When a player reaches a particular number of points, the player and the owner of the minigame will receive a reward. However, minigame owners only receive the gained reward, they do not receive anything else.