What are NosMates?

NosMates are animals that accompany your character on its adventures. To make a NosMate accompany you, you have to capture it. However, not all free animals can be captured. The following will explain what you need to pay attention to.

Capture NosMates

1. Check if the monster can be caught in the first place. Select the monster and see if the Catch symbol appears. (Note: the character must be at least one level higher than the monster.)

2. Attack the monster until his HP turns yellow.

3. Try to capture the monster with the capture skill.

4. If you fail, you have to wait until the skill's cooldown time has elapsed.

Basic Controls

You can own up to 10 animals. You can only choose animals in your Miniland. Go there, select an animal and click on [accompany].

You can swap back and forth between your NosMates using [F1], [F2] and [F3].

Choose a companion with [CTRL+left click] or simply click on its portrait.

By pressing [F4], you will select yourself and your accompanying NosMates. With [F5] you will choose all selectable targets.

Advanced Controls

Press [A] and your animal will attack every monster on the path. After reaching the destination, they will only attack if they are attacked themselves.

Pressing [S] stops all your NosMates' current activities. If one of your NosMates' HP sinks below 10%, he will leave the fight.

Press [D] and the NosMate will attack his owner's destination. If your NosMate's HP sinks below 10%, it will cease all activities.

Press [F] and your NosMates will move to the place that has been chosen for them. They will only attack if they are attacked themselves.

Upgrading NosMates

Like your character, your NosMates also receive experience points by killing monsters. Special food can increase the combat level of your NosMates and the pet trainer can increase their attack and combat level. You can acquire pet trainers from Eva Energy and use them in your Miniland afterwards. Your NosMate levels up automatically during combat against trainers. But not every training unit guarantees your NosMates an improvement.