PvP System

What is PvP? PvP (Player vs Player) is the description for fighting against other players. There are two types of PvP in Nostale. The first system is a public PvP. Everyone can take part in this system if they want to. In the public PvP there is no player limit. The battle potion allows it to be possible everywhere, in the public arena or in Glacernon. The second system is a closed PvP system, which is carried out in special areas. An example of this is, for instance, Icebreaker or the Rainbow Battle.
Requirements To enter Glacernon, you must belong to the angel or devil camp. Family members automatically become part of the family camp. To change family camps, the head of the family needs to buy the desired egg (family) from Fabian Frost and use it. Players without families need the egg (individual) to change their camp.

Entering Glacernon To reach Glacernon, you need to take the ship at Leika Passage to Port Alveus. You need to wait some time before the ship sets sail. A journey with the ship costs 3000 gold.

PvP As soon as you have left the citadel in Glacernon, you can start fighting players from your enemy camp. You will be able to recognise them from the red circle displayed under their characters. However, you will not be able to chat or trade with them.

Family Raid When you kill monsters and players from the opposing camp, your camp's status bar will increase. When it has reached 100%, Lord Mukraju will appear, whom you will have to kill. Afterwards, the raid entrance in Bitoren Tundra will open. As a reward for successfully completing a raid, you will receive a gift box.

Battle Potion

The battle potion allows you to activate the PvP mode everywhere and anywhere you like. However, it does mean you can get attacked by anyone who has also drunk a battle potion. You can get battle potions whilst hunting or from Eva Energy in NosVille or Noelia Rosa in Port Alveus.