General Movement: You can move your character from its position by left clicking on the ground with you mouse,. By double clicking on an NPC with your left mouse button, your character will move towards it. To move from map to map, just use the shining circles on the floor which you will have to move your character into.

Moving on the Minimap: Left click on the minimap to move your character. You can easily move from one end of the map to the other. Your own position is marked with a sword. The tip of the sword indicates your line of vision. Red circles with a border display the map exits and a red circle without a border is your chosen destination. Purple squares show you the whereabouts of the NPCs. Light green circles with a dark green centre are map bosses. Don't get too close to them!

Primary Attack

You can attack a monster with your main weapon by double-clicking on a monster or by pressing the [space bar].

Secondary Attack

While the cursor is over your opponent, hold down the right and left mouse button simultaneously or press Z when you have selected your opponent, to attack with your secondary weapon.


Zoom in and out by moving your scroll wheel. If you click on your scroll wheel, you can reset the camera perspective.

Monitor Rotation

Hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse into the required direction to change the perspective.