Upgrading items

Strengthening items

The upgrade system offers you lots of ways of reinforcing your equipment, improving you character and making your character prettier. This means that your character might glitter after some armour and weapon upgrades or your specialists can get bigger wings after an enhancement.


When you find an item, it has a specific rare-level. The strength of the item is determined by the rare-level. The rare-level ranges from -2 (damaged) to +7 (legendary). If you want to change the rare-level, you have to look for Teodor Topp in Nosville or Arnold Artisan in Port Alveus. He needs 500 gold and 5 cella powder for every attempt.


Reinforcements improve your attack or your defence. To reinforce an item, you need to find Teodor Topp in Nosville or Arnold Artisan in Port Alveus.


Soraya Style is an expert when it comes jewellery. She can insert cellon into your jewellery. Thus the jewellery then receives certain attributes. The maximum option level specifies the height of the cellon and the maximum option number determines how much cellon you can insert. If the action fails, the cellon disappears, but the item remains.


In order to combine items, you have to go to Malcolm Mix in Nosville or to Isaac Artisan in Port Alveus. You can only combine shoes with shoes and gloves with gloves. To do this you need sand from the Dona River and some gold. You can combine an item up to 6 times. But be careful: The higher the combination level becomes, the higher the chance is that it will fail. When combining items resistances are combined and other attributes will be assumed depending on the base item.
Explanation With the help of shells you can add strong attributes to your armour. You can get them in Act4 or from mini bosses.

Rainbow Pearl In order to identify the shell options, you need rainbow pearls. There are several different types of shells. The higher the rare level and the item level of the shells are, the more powerful they become. However the higher they are, the more rainbow pearls are needed.

Inserting shells To add a shell to your weapon or armour you need suitable shells, which you can recognise by their weapon/armour prefix on their shell name. Additionally, the level and rare level of the shell cannot be higher than that of the item. If all requirements have been fulfilled, you can attach the shell to your weapon/armour by double clicking on it. Shells that have already been attached cannot be worn by other characters.

Eraser With the eraser's help you can remove shell options from items. However, the items still remain bound to you!

Perfume You can bind an item that is already bound to another player to yourself with perfume.